Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Company Law

Belgian Company Law is at the heart of the daily activities of Cairn Legal’s attorneys, who advise many SMEs and large firms and are frequently consulted by their executives and shareholders to steer their decisions.

They intervene at the time of the setting up of new entities and during their restructuring due to mergers, de-mergers, and acquisitions. Our attorneys also assist executives in complying with legal and operational formalities during the Board of Directors and General Meeting. They prevent and resolve the raising of the question of executive liability.

Cairn Legal also resolves conflict between executives, between executives and shareholders and between shareholders. Even more than in other areas, an out of court settlement is always preferred. If the parties fail to resolve their dispute amicably, Cairn Legal assists and represents its clients in the legal and arbitration proceedings required by the situation.

Company Law implies a necessarily multidisciplinary approach that legally and technically reinforces the use of the services of many other professionals such as accountants, auditors, notaries, etc. Cairn Legal fosters open dialogue with these professionals and in this context, makes use of a broad network of relationships that promote the pragmatic and dynamic approach required by businesses.

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