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New reduction of the termination periods in case of dismissal

The law of March 26, 2018 on, among other things, the strengthening of economic growth, has shortened the notice periods considerably in case of dismissal occurring during the first months of employment. This is the second substantial change since the int (...)

Published on 04-06-2018 +

Brussels regulation of July 27, 2017: the regionalization of the residential lease in motion

We had been expecting it for some time. The regionalization of the Residential Lease has finally arrived in Brussels. In 2014, the second part of the 6th state reform provided for a transfer of jurisdiction from the federal state to the regions concerning (...)

Published on 28-05-2018 +

Henceforth night shifts are authorized for the purpose of e-commerce!

Night work is in principle forbidden in Belgium. An employer may thus in principle not set up working shifts between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. Nevertheless, the program act of 25 December 2017 has introduced new processes authorizing Night and Sunday shifts in th (...)

Published on 22-03-2018 +