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SME : you can benefit from subsidies for certain legal services provided by your attorney

In these difficult times, it only seems appropriate to remind you that the Region of Brussels-Capital graciously provides different subsidies for micro, small and medium-sized companies, active in certain sectors of activity, and with registered office in (...)

Published on 25-06-2020 +

COVID-19 –Termination notice at unemployment rate: the end of a system

The law of 3 July 1978 on employment contracts states that in the event of a dismissal by the employer, the period of notice is interrupted during most suspensions of the employment contract, notably during holidays, sick-leave or economic unemployment. H (...)

Published on 19-06-2020 +

Towards an extension of the temporary reprieve up to 17.07.2020 ?

In the context of the pandemic, two decrees organize the suspension of certain enforcement measures concerning companies (Royal Decree n°15 of 24 April 2020 mentioned in our newsletters of 27 April 2020 and 18 May 2020) and individuals (law of 20 May 2020 (...)

Published on 15-06-2020 +