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A loan on commercial rent

On 17 December 2020, the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region adopted a decree of special powers setting up a special loan for commercial tenants under certain conditions. This mechanism, reserved for commercial tenants, is part of a business support (...)

Published on 01-04-2021 +

General Assembly meetings on remote for companies and associations

During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Royal Decree No. 4 temporarily allowed companies and association to postpone their General Assembly meeting or to hold it electronically. We reported on this in our newsletter of 20 April 2020. Since then, t (...)

Published on 23-03-2021 +

Extension of exceptional measures regarding condominiums’ General Assembly meetings

The law of 20 December 2020 offered the possibility for condominium trustees to postpone ordinary General Assembly meetings for one year, i.e. until the date provided for in the statutes. In order to ensure the continuity of condominiums, all mandates of (...)

Published on 10-03-2021 +