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Lauriane VASQUEZ

As a member of the Bar of Walloon Brabant since 2013, Lauriane developed a special know-how in civil law, especially family and youth matters. Additionally, she is a debt mediator since 2015 and thus practises other areas of law, namely consumer law and d (...)

Published on 25-11-2016 +

Dynamic IP addresses as personal data

In a decision from October 19, 2016, the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) ruled to what extent a dynamic IP-address can be considered as “personal data”. The underlying facts are related to a claim against the Federal Republic of Germany for (...)

Published on 25-11-2016 +


Tina Hendriks graduated in 2015 as master of laws at the “Université catholique de Louvain”. Fluent in English, French and German, she focuses on working in international matters. She joint Cairn Legal in October 2016 and is particularly interested in pri (...)

Published on 07-11-2016 +

The right to be forgotten officially recognized by the Supreme Court

In April 2016, the Supreme Court has officially recognized the right to be forgotten in a judgement, which is a first in its kind in Belgium. The right to be forgotten has already been ruled by the European Court of Justice in the Google Spain / Costeja c (...)

Published on 27-10-2016 +

“Pop-Up Store” Decree : The Flemish Region has changed the Act on Commercial Lease

On September 1st, 2016, the Decree of June 17, 2016 relating to short-term commercial lease, commonly called “the Pop-Up Store Decree”, has entered into force. With this Decree, the Flemish Region has used its new responsibility regarding lease regulation (...)

Published on 22-09-2016 +

Undisputed debts collection : entry into force and practical aspects

In October 2015, the so-called “Pot-Pourri I” law was adopted. One of the measures is related to the administrative procedure of debt collection regarding commercial matters. The Royal Decree of June 16 implements this procedure. We have already addressed (...)

Published on 29-08-2016 +

Using a competitor’s trademark as an Adword : a risky business

In a recent decision (16 November 2015), the Court of Appeal in Mons (Belgium) has issued a prohibitory injunction against a company using a competitor’s trademark as an AdWord on Google. The parties were two companies specialized in the manufacture and s (...)

Published on 20-06-2016 +

The end of discrimination between tax authorities and ordinary creditors during a judicial reorganization

In a recent decision (18 February 2016), the Constitutional Court has prohibited tax authorities to take out a legal mortgage during a judicial reorganization procedure. The registration of the mortgage allowed tax authorities to benefit from a privileged (...)

Published on 19-05-2016 +

Pierre Philippe HARMEL joins CAIRN LEGAL as a Partner

Pierre Philippe Harmel has joined CAIRN LEGAL as of April 1st. Julie Docquier joined as well. His principal fields of expertise are commercial law, corporate law, commercial and civil lease, contracts and patrimonial law. He assists entrepreneurs and merc (...)

Published on 04-05-2016 +


Julie Docquier has an experience of nearly fifteen years at the Brussels’ Bar. Her fields of expertise are Commercial Law, Corporate law, Contracts and Real Estate Law. She assists businesses as well as private individuals, acting as an advisory or litiga (...)

Published on 20-04-2016 +