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Proxi Loan: individuals can lend money to Brussels companies

After Flanders with its “Winwinlening”, Wallonia and its “Coup de Pouce” loan, Brussels offers, since October 15, 2020, the “Proxi Loans” which allow entrepreneurs from the Brussels-Capital Region to get affordable loan (...)

Published on 13-11-2020 +

UBO Registry: new information to be communicated

Since the end of 2019, companies and other legal entities, such as A(I)SBLs, trusts and similar legal constructions must disclose the identity of their beneficial owners in the UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owners) register. A new Royal Decree of 23 September (...)

Published on 30-10-2020 +

New Covid measures: what impact on the holding of the General Condominium Assemblies?

On October 18, a new ministerial decree providing emergency measures aimed to limit the spread of the coronavirus COVID19 was published. This decree has an impact on the holding of general condominium meetings since it provides at Article 17 that, with re (...)

Published on 22-10-2020 +