Rules on unfair terms in B2B contracts finally in force

In April 2019, the Belgian legislator adopted a law dealing with abuses of economic dependence, unfair terms and unfair market practices between companies, directly inspired by the rules on consumer protection. This specific matter was the subject of our (...)

Published on 17-02-2021 +

New rules regarding the General Assemblies of condominiums

The law of 20 December 2020 changed the rules regarding the General Assemblies of condominiums: – General assemblies to be held by 9 march 2021 may be postponed for one year: that is, during the fortnight provided for in the statutes of the condomin (...)

Published on 02-02-2021 +

The law of 20 December 2020 introducing a new temporary deferment from 24.12.2020 to 31.01.2021

In line with the measures taken at the time of the first lockdown (mentioned in our newsletters of 27 April 2020 and 18 May 2020), the legislator has adopted new provisions designed to temporarily protect both companies and individuals affected by the hea (...)

Published on 08-01-2021 +

Companies authorized to build up an “Equity Recovery Reserve

Many companies have seen their equity capital and solvency radically impacted by Covid-19 and its consequences. In order to allow companies to regain financial health, the law of 19 November 2020 introduced the possibility for companies to create an Equit (...)

Published on 17-12-2020 +

Closing the email of a worker who has left the company

On September 29, 2020, the Litigation Chamber of the Data Protection Authority (DPA) condemned a company, which had not closed the e-mail addresses of workers who had ceased their functions, to pay a fine of €15,000 and to adopt a policy resolving the iss (...)

Published on 04-12-2020 +

Proxi Loan: individuals can lend money to Brussels companies

After Flanders with its “Winwinlening”, Wallonia and its “Coup de Pouce” loan, Brussels offers, since October 15, 2020, the “Proxi Loans” which allow entrepreneurs from the Brussels-Capital Region to get affordable loan (...)

Published on 13-11-2020 +

UBO Registry: new information to be communicated

Since the end of 2019, companies and other legal entities, such as A(I)SBLs, trusts and similar legal constructions must disclose the identity of their beneficial owners in the UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owners) register. A new Royal Decree of 23 September (...)

Published on 30-10-2020 +

New Covid measures: what impact on the holding of the General Condominium Assemblies?

On October 18, a new ministerial decree providing emergency measures aimed to limit the spread of the coronavirus COVID19 was published. This decree has an impact on the holding of general condominium meetings since it provides at Article 17 that, with re (...)

Published on 22-10-2020 +

A decision contrary to the statutes retains its legal effects until it is overturned

The Court of Cassation, in its judgment of 18 June 2020, ruled that a decision contrary to the company’s statutes retains its legal effects until it is overturned by a judge. In the case examined, the decisions of the Board of Directors would have b (...)

Published on 13-10-2020 +

New amicable dispute resolution chambers at the French-speaking Enterprise Court and the Court of appeal of Brussels

As of September 2020, the French-speaking Enterprise Court and the Court of appeal of Brussels will be providing amicable dispute resolution services via special chambers. It will aim at offering the disputing parties a more negotiated and effective solut (...)

Published on 21-09-2020 +

Retour de vacances, quarantaine et, bientôt, fin du régime de chômage simplifié

Les retours de congés en cette fin de mois d’août peuvent générer quelques angoisses s’ils se sont déroulés en zone rouge ou orange. Que doit faire le travailleur et s’expose-t-il à des sanctions s’il ne suit pas les directives gouvernementales en matière (...)

Published on 31-08-2020 +

Estate planning – the cheese route soon to be closed?

Until now, donations of movable property (or other transfers) registered in the Netherlands by a Belgian resident remained untaxed (Belgians talk about the so-called “cheese route”). However, on June, 17, 2020, the Belgian government submitted (...)

Published on 17-07-2020 +