COVID-19 –Termination notice at unemployment rate: the end of a system

The law of 3 July 1978 on employment contracts states that in the event of a dismissal by the employer, the period of notice is interrupted during most suspensions of the employment contract, notably during holidays, sick-leave or economic unemployment. However, such was not provided for in the event of a temporary suspension of the employment contract due to force majeure, even though the government has largely supported that mechanism during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some employers have seized the opportunity to have the social security system pay for their employees’ severance pay…
In order to put an end to these potential abuses, a bill formalizing the interruption of the period of notice in the event of a temporary suspension of employment contract due to force majeure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has been approved by parliament on 11 June 2020. The period of notice shall henceforth be interrupted as long as the worker is under unemployment benefits.
This new law – which has not yet been officially published – will not have a retroactive effect. Therefore the period of notice will continue running its course provided that it had already started before 1 March 2020, whereas if the employee was given notice after 1 March 2020, the period of notice will be interrupted as of the date of publication of this law in the Belgian Official Journal.

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