The Royal Decree 4 containing various provisions on co-ownership and corporate and association law in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic was issued on 9 April 2020

All general meetings (ordinary, extraordinary or convened by co-owners) that have not been able to be held or can not be held during the period from March 10 to May 3 are automatically postponed.

They must be organized within 5 months of the expiry of this (possibly extended) period.

The decree refers to Article 577-6-11 of the Civil Code, which allows the use of a written procedure but only for votes on specific issues on which the parties manage to agree unanimously.

The syndic’s contract and delegations to the members of the condominium board are extended as of right until the next general meeting.

Finally, the syndic can rely on the budget voted the previous year, to ask the co-owners for payment the necessary provisions.

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