Participation of Carole DE RUYT at two seminars in the coming weeks

CAIRNLEGAL is pleased to announce the participation of Carole DE RUYT at two seminars in the coming weeks.

The first will deal with the legal aspects of shared rentals in its civil, fiscal and urban planning aspects. Mr. De Ruyt will detail the various civil aspects of the flatshare, emphasizing the recent reforms in Brussels and the Walloon Region. The symposium will be held at the Cercle du Lac in Louvain-La Neuve on 3/02/2020.

The second symposium, organized by the “le Pli Juridique” will be multi-disciplinary and aims to enlighten legal practitioners on the application over time of various reforms in civil law, judicial law, corporate law, insolvency, lease law, parentage, matrimonial regimes, etc. Me De Ruyt will address, among other things, the reforms in the law of the residential-lease. The symposium will be held in Charleroi at the “Palais de Verre” on March 19th 2020.

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The Cairn Legal team.