Newsflash in the legal expenses insurance world

The law of 22 April 2019 “to make legal expenses insurance more accessible” came into force on 1 September 2019 and should provide better access to justice for the middle classes by allowing them to benefit from a tax reduction when taking out legal expenses insurance covering certain types of claims.

The claims covered are as follows: all types of divorces as well as construction disputes related to the policyholder’s main residence.

The tax benefit consists in:

  • a tax cut equivalent to 40% of a premium capped at 195 €, i.e. 78 € and
  • a maximum coverage of legal and expert costs capped at 6,750 €

In addition to the tax advantage, however limited, it is strongly recommended to subscribe to a legal protection insurance, knowing that in exchange for the payment of around fifteen euros per month a significant part of your legal or expert fees could be covered in the event of a litigation.

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