Belgian rules related to announcements of price reductions have been repealed

Pursuant to a judgment of July 2014 of the European Court of Justice, where the Court has considered Belgian law violated European rules, the Belgian Parliament has voted the abolition of constricting rules of the Belgian Economic Code related to price réductions.

Until now, the undertaking which announced price reductions had to respect certain formal obligations: it had to inform consumers about the reference price; said price had to be the lowest price used by the undertaking for a whole month preceding the first day of effective price reduction; the price reduction had to be offered at least for a day and for a month at the most.

Those rules are also repealed during the seasonal sales.

Therefore, the undertaking announcing price reductions does not have to comply any longer with these formal rules.

However, the undertaking still needs to ensure the communication of loyal advertising, without misleading the consumers.

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