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Using a competitor’s trademark as an Adword : a risky business

In a recent decision (16 November 2015), the Court of Appeal in Mons (Belgium) has issued a prohibitory injunction against a company using a competitor’s trademark as an AdWord on Google. The parties were two companies specialized in the manufacture and s (...)

Published on 20-06-2016 +

The end of discrimination between tax authorities and ordinary creditors during a judicial reorganization

In a recent decision (18 February 2016), the Constitutional Court has prohibited tax authorities to take out a legal mortgage during a judicial reorganization procedure. The registration of the mortgage allowed tax authorities to benefit from a privileged (...)

Published on 19-05-2016 +

Pierre Philippe HARMEL joins CAIRN LEGAL as a Partner

Pierre Philippe Harmel has joined CAIRN LEGAL as of April 1st. Julie Docquier joined as well. His principal fields of expertise are commercial law, corporate law, commercial and civil lease, contracts and patrimonial law. He assists entrepreneurs and merc (...)

Published on 04-05-2016 +