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“Pop-Up Store” Decree : The Flemish Region has changed the Act on Commercial Lease

On September 1st, 2016, the Decree of June 17, 2016 relating to short-term commercial lease, commonly called “the Pop-Up Store Decree”, has entered into force. With this Decree, the Flemish Region has used its new responsibility regarding lease regulation (...)

Published on 22-09-2016 +

Undisputed debts collection : entry into force and practical aspects

In October 2015, the so-called “Pot-Pourri I” law was adopted. One of the measures is related to the administrative procedure of debt collection regarding commercial matters. The Royal Decree of June 16 implements this procedure. We have already addressed (...)

Published on 29-08-2016 +

Using a competitor’s trademark as an Adword : a risky business

In a recent decision (16 November 2015), the Court of Appeal in Mons (Belgium) has issued a prohibitory injunction against a company using a competitor’s trademark as an AdWord on Google. The parties were two companies specialized in the manufacture and s (...)

Published on 20-06-2016 +